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Train Supervisor
Training Need Analysis
We need to identify the strengths and weaknesses of our supervisor and align them with the
strategic needs of the company. Right now the company needs quality so we will train our
supervisors for motivating workers in producing quality work.
Performance analysis
Newly appointed supervisor will be given proper orientation. Before training we will make sure
that supervisor want to do work but they not able to do so. In case they won’t do some work
because they feel it’s not part of their JD or they are not given enough incentive then we will
have to motivate them. In the case study Mr. Roa had more salary then other departments head
this should be justified to other heads of the other department to increase their motivation.
However if they lack certain skills they we can make use of training to develop them.
Design the Training Program
We will use off job training for our supervisors.
o Solving case studies will improve their critical thinking and they will be able to solve
their employee’s concerns effectively.
o A seminar can answer their questions which will make them better supervisors.
o External programs create a motivational place to learn as change in place also
accompanies change in behavior.
o Field trips to other composite mill will expose them to contemporary standard of work
and quality.
o Executive coach can be hired to closely mentor them in their field of supervision.