Gökhan Gaydanoglu

Gökhan Gaydanoglu
Comm 102
16 October 2008
Minority rights have always been a conflicting issue all over the world. Sometimes
this conflict occurs because of the privileges given to minorities and sometimes it
occurs because of the discrimination against minorities. In this sense in my research
paper, I want to examine the status of the minorities in France where there are many
different ethnic groups livings as a minority.
This issue is compelling because the subject is about the human rights and equality
which is the most important case for any community since a country has to give every
citizen the same conditions to live and rights to live peacefully and happily in the
There are many different ethnic groups living in France who are from the countries
which are once the colonies of France. These ethnic groups live in bad and poor
conditions. They do not have the equal rights in many cases like education.
I need to make further research and learn actual conditions of those people. Also I
should search about the legislations about the minorities and privileges given to them.
The issue is controversial because minorities are asking for some privileges and some
rights but dominant side of the society doesn’t want to be equal and give those rights
to the minorities.
The minority rights issue has not been resolved since every human being ask for more
in any condition.
There are three views that I will examine in my research paper. First one is the
minority themselves, second one is the dominant group living in the country and the
third one is the people living in another country but interested in this issue.
Since I am graduated from a French high school, I want to go to France for either a
graduate program or some kind of a business. In this sense I want to learn about the
living conditions in France since I would be seen as a minority if I go there.
This is perceived as an important issue all over the world. There are many studies
which are done in this topic and there are also many cases, legislations in France.
In past time I remember that there happened some protests of students in France in
which they were asking for equal rights. Another fact is that in national sport teams of
France there are many sportsmen from minorities and I always wondered about this
issue since I complete my high school education with learning the French culture.
Since the course’s theme is identity, in my research paper I will be able to examine the
identity of the minorities and in this sense I will be able to examine the identity from
small picture to big picture such as minorities and the whole community.