Summer School 2012 Draft Programme Summer School 2012

Summer School 2012
Draft Programme
Summer School 2012: Human Rights, Minorities and Diversity Management
Special Focus: Europe and Canada, comparative issues and challenges.
Sunday, 24.06.2012: Registration and dinner/aperitivo together
Monday, 25.06.2012: Introduction into the topic
1. Europe and its diversity in terms of
cultural/linguistic diversity (nation states,
national minorities, Sami, Roma,
immigrants); but also history, political
systems etc.
2. Europe and the EU: introduction into the
various regional systems with special focus
on the EU as an organization sui generis
3. Introduction into diversity in Canada,
historical perspective of relations
between founding nations, first nations
and new Canadians; introduction into
political system in Canada.
4. Discussion on differences, communalities
Tuesday, 26.06.2012: Multiculturalism and Human Rights
1. Diversity Management - Multiculturalism –
some terminological implications; should
also introduce from a critical perspective
the question why MC is said to have failed
2. Interculturalism: what does it mean, how it
is applied…?
3. Is there a Canadian model of
Multiculturalism? (How does it diverge from
the North American approach?)
4. Plenary discussion: MC in Canada and
Europe – a first comparison
Wednesday, 27.06.2012: The Emerging Regional Framework of Diversity Management
1. General Framework to HR Protection in
Canada (bodies, institutions, charter),
special focus on protection of First
Nations, Aborigines and Linguistic
Summer School 2012
Draft Programme
2. General Framework to Regional Human
Rights Protection (from UN to CoEEuropean Convention on HR) and Minority
3. OSCE and HCNM
4. Simulation on national minority dispute
in Europe, (one party is the HCNM, other
parties are the minorities and the
state(s); trying to include references to
FCME etc.)
Thursday, 28.06.2012: Judicial Protection of/Enforcing Human Rights in Europe and Canada: e.g.
Religious Symbols
1. The ECtHR and religious symbols
2. The Canadian Human Rights Commission
and religious symbols
3. Presentation of cases by students (on
religious symbols)
4. Discussion on strengths and weaknesses; is
there a common approach towards the
accommodation of religious diversity in
Europe and Canada?
Friday, 29.06.2012: Human Rights from a philosophical point of view
1. Why do we need a philosophical view on
Human Rights?
2. The Idea of a Charter of Fundamental
3. Ethnopolitics: The Challenge for Human
and Minority Protection
4. Book presentation: “Philosophical
Dimensions of Human Rights” Claudio
Corradetti (eds.)
Monday, 02.07.2012: Accommodating diversity by means of autonomy or federalism?
1. Between territory and personal
Theoretical concepts
2. The Multinational State: Comparison of
various models in Europe: CH, B, BiH,
Spain…, South Tyrol (only institutional
Summer School 2012
Draft Programme
3. The Canadian federal system: special
focus on Quebec and the protection of
the French language and Francophone
4. Group work
Tuesday, 03.07.2012: Language Rights - Is Linguistic Diversity an added value?
1. Multi- and Plurilingualism in Europe: from
minority languages to immigrant
2. Multi- and Plurilingualism in Europe,
special focus on Quebec
3. From theory to practice: the
implementation of language rights in
Central Europe (Rumania, Italy and South
4. Group work
Wednesday, 04.07.2012: Dispersed Minorities – challenges for their protection in Europe and
1. Roma - special cases in Europe
2. Indigenous people in Europe
3. First Nations in Canada
4. Role play on indigenous peoples
5. Eventually annual minority rights lecture
on Roma
Wednesday, 03.07.2012: Immigration, “New” Minorities and Diversity Management
1. New Minorities – new problems?
General introduction into what are “new”
minorities? What is the difference in the
approach when talking about new min or
2. Selecting immigrants? The EU Blue card
vs. the Canadian point system
3. Governing immigration in the European
Union – the development of a new policy
4. Discussion comparing immigration in EU
and Canada/USA
Summer School 2012
Draft Programme
Friday, 06.07.2012 (only morning): What can Europe and Canada learn from each other?
1. Concluding comparison: Diversity
Management – does it work? What can
Europe and Canada learn from each other
2. Discussion with students
3. Diploma awards and farewell
Working groups: Crossfertilization in the area of Diversity Management between EU and CAN:
Multiculturalism as a policy
Institutional setting (autonomy, federal structure)
Judicial Protection of HR
Religious symbols
Linguistic Diversity