2015 AIP Languages

Annual Implementation Plan
What we are going to do?
How we are going to do it?
Improve teaching and
 Line managers will be responsible for
appropriate year levels and languages. They
will ensure that the languages curriculum for
Years 7-9 are aligned vertically and horizontally
in accordance with information presently
available through ACARA. This will include but
not be limited to:
* Work Programs
* Semester Overviews
* Unit Plans (with DOL embedded)
* Assessment Plans
relevant section
for beginning of
term (eg. Term 1
unit plans ready
by beginning of
term 1)
 Languages Staff will have access to PD
funding to attend workshops relating to literacy
and numeracy.
 Through PD and staff networks, teachers will
develop new strategies to facilitate programs
that improve literacy learning for all students
Vertical and horizontal
alignment of the curriculum
within the Languages Faculty
 Utilise collegial discussion and formal faculty
strategic planning to review literacy and
numeracy strategies being used by each
teacher. Languages staff will be required to
Who is
Line Managers,
overseen by HOD
When we are
going to do it?
Term 1
Line Managers
Yr 7 Alina
Yr 8 Justine
Yr 9 Alina
Yr 10 Jacqueline
Yr 11 Alina
Yr 12 Alina
Yr 7-12 Yu-min
Yr 7 Kylie
Yr 8 Hernan
Yr 9 Amanda
Yr 10 Amanda
Yr 11 Amanda
Yr 12 Kylie
Yr 8 Chris Day
Term 1-3
100% complete
All Languages Staff
Term 3
Staff review
plans and adjust
to achieve aims
for 2015
Observations by
HOD and
teachers of every
All Languages Staff
Each Term
All Languages Staff
Each Term
identify what literacy strategies they are using
within the classroom. Use buddy teacher class
observations and self-reflection to improve their
 Continue to explore ways to acquire further
resources e.g. more up to date texts, online
and electronic texts and resources and greater
access to technology.
staff member.
Every staff
member to
observe and be
 Create virtual classrooms for every year level
in every language. Offer enhanced curriculum
opportunities to support the needs of individual
All Creative Arts &
LOTE Staff
All Languages Staff
All Languages Staff
Continuous &
 Cater for the curriculum, ESL and literacy
needs of international students.
 Spelling lists to be continued for all Language
units/subjects/year level.
 All short and long term planning and
assessment to continue to be copied and
stored centrally on G:\ for all Language
subjects and year levels.
100% of
stored centrally
 Ensure all senior students are exposed to a
range of vocation related experiences including
guest speakers, site visits and dedicated
workshops relevant to the Languages
The Confucius Classroom
 Deliver exemplary teaching and learning
programs for Chinese language and culture.
 Provide professional learning opportunities for
Chinese teachers in the region, including
opportunities to observe and share teaching
and learning programs.
 Contribute to a resource bank of quality
teaching and learning materials for Chinese,
including multimedia, for use by schools in the
25% increase in
Mandarin as an
Principal/DP/HOD &
Languages Staff
Continue to develop
culturally inclusive concepts
and activities throughout the
Support gifted and talented
students and provide
enrichment opportunities.
Smart Classrooms and focus
on ICT integration.
 Establish a technology hub to facilitate
communication between schools in the cluster
and schools in China
 Provide opportunities for school community
engagement with Chinese language and
culture events.
 Hold a Celebration of High Flyers for A & A+
students of Language in Year 8 & 9
 Liaise with LSU staff to provide support for
students identified as at risk or in need of
 Liaise with LSU staff to help with the
development of IEP and EAPs where
 Support students with learning difficulties and
disabilities and at risk indigenous students
 Continue to offer extension activities across all
Language subjects including National and
International Cultural Experiences, Language
Competitions, Extension Language courses in
year 8.
 Encourage a greater percentage of students to
study a language other than English after year
8 and through to year 12.
 Continue to increase student access to latest
software and industry standard technology
across Language subjects.
 Ensure implementation and ongoing use of the
SANS language software in Languages as well
as interactive white boards in the classrooms
 Publicise ICT achievements through
 Encourage all staff to continually update ICT
skills and ensure an excellent working
knowledge of the ICTs available to them.
 Ensure students are entered and have
opportunities to compete in the various ICT
10% increase in
All Languages Staff
Record all
activities offered
in Student and &
Community Life
CIS Report
Languages Staff
implemented and
student use
Language competitions.
Ensure the continued
development and reputation
of the Languages Precinct.
 Acknowledge the high flyers in the Languages
Classes through a ‘High Flyers Breakfast’
 Continue to expand community partnerships to
include greater opportunities for student
enrichment Professional Development
 Continue to develop the community language
centre aspect of the new language Building.
Expand number of languages and levels as the
program builds.
 Continue to develop access and use of
Language facilities and Assembly Hall to
ensure student and community access to a
large range of resources and opportunities.
 Provide opportunities for International Travel
through strengthening partnerships
 Continue to perform at a wide variety of
community functions and develop links with
community events and organizations.
 Acknowledge and publicly celebrate student
achievement in the Languages through
newspapers, school newsletters and website.
 Ensure outstanding students are nominated for
awards both at school and community level and
acknowledged for their achievements.
 Continue to work collaboratively with feeder
schools to foster P-12 arts and Languages
Programs. Develop the opportunities available
in these areas through feeder school cluster
 Arrange professional development opportunity
for Languages staff to visit feeder primary
schools to both observe and participate in class
 Continue to acknowledge and celebrate
NAIDOC week through cultural activities.
‘A’ and ‘A+’
students from
each language in
Year 8-9
All Languages Staff
All Languages Staff
Term 3