Club Application Form




Requirements for clubs for the 20__-20__ School Year

The student council must approve all clubs. This includes new and currently existing clubs.

All new petitioning clubs must have at least 5 members in order for ASB to consider membership.

Each club must have a school staff member who is present at all meetings and activities.

A student cannot be the president of more than one club.

All clubs

must meet at least twice a month

except where the number of school days are shortened which include December and June.

Meeting days should be in relation to a day of the week,

not the A/B Schedule

. For example (The club will meet on the first and third Mondays of the month. Not (The club will meet on the first A day of the first and third week.)

All clubs must avoid meeting on the second Friday of every month at lunch for the All Clubs Presidents

Meeting. All club presidents will meet in room 7. The ASB Clubs Commissioner will run these meetings. Each club president is expected to give a report on events and activities for their club.

The Clubs Commissioner will visit scheduled meetings of all clubs to verify club activity.

All clubs will participate in some capacity during all school events.

In addition to their separate club activities, clubs will be called on to help make Branham High School a better place for the associated student body.

Clubs cannot restrict membership except for issues of discipline/disruption or violation of the purpose of the club.

The club advisor must approve all fundraisers before they are sent to ASB.

All clubs must follow Branham High School bank procedures.

Reasons a club will not be confirmed for the 2012-2013 school year include: o o o

Lack of activity from the previous year.

Another club exists that is too similar in purpose.

Too many violations of ASB protocols from previous year in regards to but not limited to: the bank or fundraising.

A club on probationary status not meeting objectives. o

Complete the following information. Please Print.

Page 1


Name of the Club_________________________________________________________

Email and Cell number of the highest-ranking student of the club. (Existing clubs need to provide the

President’s information; new clubs should provide the founding member’s information. PLEASE PRINT



Who will be the club advisor? __________________________________________________

(Teacher or staff member)

Will your club raise funds for any purpose? Yes No

If the club is a new petition to those offered at Branham High School, you need at least 5 supporters who will be in your club. Please list and print their names. If your club already exists, list the officers and their positions for next year.

1. ___________________________________________________________________

2. ___________________________________________________________________

3. ___________________________________________________________________

4. ___________________________________________________________________

5. ___________________________________________________________________

Page 2

When will this club meet? (At least twice a month) Should there be a conflict with another major club, you will be asked to move the meeting times. Circle those that apply.

1. 1 st

and 3rd

2. Monday

2 nd

and 4

Tuesday th


Wednesday Thursday Friday

3. Meetings will take place in Room_____________

Please state the purpose of your club? If your club is part of a national organization, please use the national charter for your description. You can also attach a copy of it to this form.

What type of activities do you plan to hold in direct relation to the purpose of your club? (Example: Recycling

Club will hold an E-Waste day four times a year) Not (The recycling club will hold pizza parties twice a week.)

Please list any dates for the


school year. You would like to reserve on the master calendar for any large events. (You MUST work with the advisor for this list) List the event and a date you would like to reserve.

Are there any major projects your club has or would like to adopt on campus that will promote the purpose of your club, give the opportunity for non-members to share/experience why your club exists, and provide a service that will contribute to the betterment of the campus and the student body?

Application Directions:

Advisor should keep page 1.

Turn page 2 & 3 into the Activities Director in the main office by August 31st at


Page 3