Reason for the Seasons – Graphic Organizer

Reason for the Seasons – Graphic Organizer
Group members:
Note taker: _____________________________________________________________
Researcher(s): ___________________________________________________________
Graphics Leader: ________________________________________________________
Before you begin:
What are your theories for why we have seasons?
The earth has a angled ciucle that it makes one part warmer and one part colder and
changes were it’s warmer.
During the research:
Review the provided resources.
How long does it take for the Earth to go through a cycle of seasons from one winter to
the next one?
One year
What changes as we go from summer to winter?
It gets colder,it snows and slet.
Does winter in the northern hemisphere occur at the same time as winter in the southern
hemisphere? Why or why not?
No because the warmth of the suns rays are more concentrated on that area.
What motions of our Sun and Earth do you observe that cause the seasons of the Earth?
What is a solstice? Describe the differences between a winter and summer solstice.
Does the distance from the Sun affect the Earth’s seasons?
Take a look at the animation of the Earth’s seasons. What do you observe?
How does the position of the earth in our Solar System affect the conditions of life on our