Job & Person specification & PID

South Australia Police
Title of Position
Mounted Support Hand
Classification Code
Position Number
Position Created
Type of Appointment
(strike out if not applicable)
Operations Support Service
Combined Operations Section
STAR Group
Mounted Operations Unit
Job & Person Specification Approval
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Commissioner of Police or Delegate
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--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------JOB SPECIFICATION
Summary of the broad purpose of the position, and its responsibilities / duties.
The Mounted Support Hand is responsible to the Officer in Charge, Mounted Operations Unit, for the
performance of general handyperson, labouring and general stable duties. The incumbent will be
required to undertake all facets of horse husbandry including feeding, exercising, cleaning yards and
stables, grooming, clipping and basic treatment of injuries. In addition the incumbent will be required to
ride/train young and older horses under supervision. The incumbent will be required to maintain
computer records.
Reporting / working relationships
(to whom the person reports, staff for whom the person is responsible and other significant
connections and working relationships within the organisation)
The Mounted Support Hand is responsible to the Officer in Charge, Mounted Operations Unit and
reports to the Stables Co-ordinator/Sergeants whilst engaged in stable related activity.
Special Conditions
(Such as non-metropolitan location, travel requirements, frequent overtime)
Required to undertake 7 day week 8-hour rotational shifts, including day, afternoon, night shifts
and weekends. May be required to work alone.
Must undertake a riding test, which includes walk, trot, canter and leading another horse.
Must undertake a medical assessment to assess suitability to job specification.
Statement of Key Outcomes and Associated activities
(Group into major areas of responsibility and list in descending order of importance. Continue
on next page if necessary)
Ensure the health, comfort, care and welfare of all police horses at barracks and agistment by:
Cleaning and maintaining all loose boxes, yards and paddocks.
Maintaining stables in a hygienic condition.
Competently ride horses both with and without instruction.
Cleaning and maintaining saddlery.
Ensuring that horses are adequately and appropriately fed and watered.
Grooming and clipping of horses as required.
Ensuring that fodder is suitable for feeding.
Maintaining written and computer records pertaining to the above.
Assist Agistment Manager as directed with general horse handling, farm related duties, and as
directed by Stable Co-Ordinator/Sergeants.
Assist with the veterinary assessment and treatment of horses by recognising signs of colic, founder,
general lameness and general farriery requirements and organising prompt attention and treatment.
Assessment and treatment is not limited to the above.
Contribute to the management of a work activity schedule by inputting relevant information into the
work activity schedule, completing relevant timesheet and undertaking general clerical duties as
Contribute to the general maintenance of the barracks and agistment areas by:
Maintaining the manege areas including watering, fertilising and cutting grass.
Levelling of sand manege using tractor and scraper.
Maintaining horse paddocks, fences and water points.
Moving shell grit, sawdust and other materials as required.
Taking part in driver assessments and training pertaining to heavy vehicles or towing.
Assist with the maintenance of Mounted Operations Unit vehicles by performing regular engine checks
including fuel, oil, coolant and air levels and washing and cleaning vehicles.
Incumbents must have the ability to contribute to the maintenance of a harmonious, safe and healthy
workplace where diversity is valued, free from harassment, unlawful discrimination and bullying.
Certified correct by OIC/Branch Head
: .............................................
Acknowledged by Current Occupant
: .............................................
Name of Current Occupant
: ......................................
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PERSON SPECIFICATION
Essential Minimum Requirements
(Those characteristics considered absolutely necessary.)
Educational / Vocational Qualifications
(Include only those listed in Commissioners Standard 2 as an essential qualification for a specified
Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills
(Related to the job description, and expressed in a way which allows objective assessment.)
Demonstrated ability to ride horses.
Ability to communicate effectively with all levels of management and staff.
Ability to work effectively as a member of a team and contribute to a spirit of team co-operation within
the unit.
Current drivers licence and ability to drive both manual and automatic vehicles.
Proven ability to perform manual tasks over a lengthy period.
Possess a high degree of integrity and the ability to maintain confidentiality.
Ability to contribute to the maintenance of a harmonious, safe and healthy workplace where diversity is
valued, free of harassment, unlawful discrimination and bullying.
(Including Community Experience)
Experience in the grooming and clipping of horses.
Experience in the maintenance of stables to a hygienic standard.
Experience in the handling of foals and young horses.
Experience in riding/training horses.
Experience in general maintenance duties including the transportation of horses by float.
Experience in computer skills and maintaining records.
Knowledge of feeding principles and management.
Knowledge of saddlery and equipment and maintenance of same.
Basic knowledge of veterinary diagnosis and treatments.
Knowledge of horse fodder.
Knowledge of stable duties.
Knowledge of Occupational Health Safety and Welfare practices and principles.
Knowledge of Equal Employment Opportunity practices and principles.
Desirable Characteristics
(To distinguish between applicants who have met all essential requirements)
Personal Abilities/Aptitudes/Skills
Basic computer skills.
Some ability or potential to ride young horses.
Current truck licence.
Previously worked in a stables complex.
Some knowledge of horse training methods and the ability to embrace the style known as the
Continental or European Method, currently used by SAPOL.
Educational / Vocational Qualifications
(Considered to be useful in carrying out the responsibilities of the position)