7-sentence diamond / syntax variation
A clause MUST have a subject and a verb
1. simple
IC (independent clause) = S+V (subject + verb)
The hobo plummeted from the railroad bridge.
2. compound
IC ,and IC
S V [,and ,but ,or ;]
It was an unusual and shocking sight, and people came out to look.
3. complex
[DC,] IC
dependent clause
DC= [SW when since + SV]
Since the railroad bridge was so tall, he seemed to fall forever and ever.
4. compound-complex
[DC,] IC
When his body finally landed with a dull thud, people rushed to be the first ones
there, but few held out any hope for his survival.
5. complex
When the first people arrived on the scene, their worst fears were confirmed.
6. compound
He was stone dead; they carried him to the morgue.
7. simple
The railroad company disavowed any responsibility.