Grammar and Punctuation Test
Follow the next few slides to revise
the key points and vocabulary
The Article
a, the, an
eg I have a chocolate bar
The football match was won
I would like an early finish to the
Now you try:
What is the article in the following
I have an apple in my pocket.
The time is half past nine.
We have a lunch break after Maths.
The word match has 2 different
The football match was rained off.
I struck one match to light the candle.
Now you try; write 2 sentences that
show the different meanings for ‘ring’.
Apostrophe for possession and
I haven’t been feeling myself lately.
(Contraction – short for have not)
Simon’s shoes were really wet.
(Possession – The shoes belonged
to Simon)
Now you try; what are the
following apostrophes used for?
The women’s shoes were all black.
The teacher’s glasses are missing.
It’s no problem if you want to stay.
There aren’t any sandwiches left.
Phrase or clause?
Clauses have a subject and a verb.
Phrases do not have a subject and verb
(often they just describe something)
eg – We sat in the sun by the beautiful pool.
Phrase (No verb)
The glass smashed into lots of pieces.
Clause (Glass subject and smashed verb)
Now you try:
I put the cat on the tablecloth.
Caroline grew some cress on the windowsill.
I woke up early so I could open my presents.
We looked out across the purple heather.
These words give the ‘position’
above, under, beside, by etc….
Eg – Holly was leaning against the
Now you try:
The cat walked through the door.
I went swimming on Monday.
The road went under the river in a tunnel.
These take the place of nouns within a
sentence to avoid repetition.
Eg Fred and Ted played in their new
He, she, I, we, you, they, them, our,
their, my etc…
Circle all the adverbs in the
sentence below:
Hurriedly, Andrew grabbed his
suitcase and began packing. He
threw his possessions in quickly
before leaving.
Main clause or subordinating clause?
Main clauses make sense on their own,
subordinating clauses do not.
As it was due to rain, Fred packed his coat.
Subordinating clause – does not make sense
Main clause – Makes sense on its own
Now you try:
Because he saw a burglar, the dog barked.
If the weather improves we can go for a
My dad, who’s a chef, works at the hotel.
These are added to the beginning of
root words and change their meaning.
Eg mis – behave
un – predictable
dis – organised
un - selfish
How many other words can you think
of with these prefixes?
Which of the following is incorrectly
Paul did some writing, we finished Art.
Paul did some writing; we finished Art.
Paul did some writing. We finished Art.
Inverted commas
Another way of saying speech marks
“Can I come with you please?” asked
66, Capital letter, one of 4, 99