Final Exam Study Guide Honors AMERICAN LITERATURE 1st

Name______________________________________ Period 5
Ms. Lockwood
Final Exam Study Guide
Honors AMERICAN LITERATURE 1st Semester , ‘04-‘05
Literature for the course
Jonathan Edwards, “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” 1741 (sermon)
Arthur Miller, The Crucible, 1953 (play)
The Salem Witch Trials - 1692
Beowulf (800-900 A.D.)
Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter (novel, 1850)
Know the name of works read, author, date published, genre, and how to punctuate
the title. Be familiar with works so you can identify source of quotations, speaker,
and main ideas.
Beowulf: know how to identify: kennings, epithets, elements of heroic epic
Parts of speech: Be able to identify them in a sentence (noun, pronoun,
adjective, (article), verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction)
Sentence position terms: Know how to identify (subject, main verb, helping verb,
linking verb, modal, object of the preposition, prepositional phrase, gerund,
Subject-Verb agreement (e.g. One of the dogs is black; Some of the cars are clean);
pronoun-antecedent agreement (,, both...are,, etc.)
Clauses and phrases: know definitions and how to punctuate (Independent
clause + independent clause, dependent clause + independent clause)
Parallel construction: be able to identify when a sentence is not parallel and
correct it.
Common errors in writing (their, there, they’re; past/passed; of/have; nowadays; use
of good/well; 1800's; etc.... see notes from essay reviews)
Bring to the test any handouts you have not marked (Grendel’s mother, etc.) to return to
Ms. Lockwood