Accommodations vs Interventions

What’s the Difference Between Accommodations & Interventions?
Accommodation: Strategies that are aimed at helping any student during day-to-day school
activities. Students with a disability often have required accommodations stated in their IEP or
504 plan. Generally, progress monitoring data is not collected on accommodations.
Intervention: Involves teaching a specific skill (academic or behavioral), which is monitored by
collecting data at least 1x per week. The intervention data is reviewed at least 1x every 4 weeks,
to see if the student is Responding to the Intervention (RtI). Any intervention involving behavior
must include teaching a replacement behavior, which replaces the unwanted behavior.
Accommodation Examples
Intervention Examples
Preferential Seating, Line Placement,
Small Group or One-on-One
Instruction on Subtraction.
Taking Tests in Small Groups
Taking Untimed Tests
Reducing Tantruming Behavior by
giving a Reward for using Appropriate
Replacement Behavior.
Allowing a Student to Take Tests
Increasing Oral Reading Fluency by
having the Student Reread the same
Passage 3x.
Allowing a Student to Take Breaks
during Testing.
Increasing Sight Word or Math Facts
Fluency by using the Folding-In
Technique with Flashcards.
Increasing Math Calculation Fluency
and Comprehension by using the
Cover-Copy-Compare Technique.
Providing Assignments in Larger Font.
Allowing a Student’s use of Ear Plugs
or Noise Reducing Headphones.
Frequent Reminders to Stay on Task.
RTI Teachers Quick Reference Guide; Response to Intervention for Delaware Teachers. Retrieved on
September 28, 2010.
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