Stephen C

Samuel H. Parry
Specific Relevant Skills:
40 years experience in military operations research. Conducted studies, developed models for the US
Army in the areas of combat simulation, test and evaluation, analysis of alternatives and human
factors engineering. Current Top Secret Clearance.
Education, Training, Certifications and Affiliations:
Ph.D. Operations Research/Systems Engineering 1971, The Ohio State University
M.S. Industrial Engineering
1964, Northwestern University
B.S. Industrial Engineering
1963, Georgia Institute of Technology
Military Operations Research Society 1985-Present (Past Member of Board of Directors)
Military Applications Award of the Operations Research Society of America, 1976
Commanders Award for Public Service to the U.S. Army, 1991.
Inducted into the U.S. Army ORSA Hall of Fame November 14, 2007
The Dr. Samuel H. Parry Modeling and Simulation Laboratory at the U. S. Army TRADOC
Analysis Center, Monterey, CA was dedicated on March 23, 2000.
Specific Relevant Qualifications, Experience and Responsibilities:
Member of U.S. delegation (appointed by VCSA) to U.S./German Staff Talks as the Senior OR analyst
from 1977-1980. Member of U.S. Delegation hosting the first visit of Senior Officers from the People’s
Republic of China in Monterey, California in 1980. Advisor to U.S. Readiness Command (1982 – 1984)
on formation of a Joint Task Force Organization, which became the forerunner of that used in Desert
Storm. Distinguished Visiting Analyst at US Army Center for Army Analysis on two occasions during
which time a Generalized Value System was developed for representing values of heterogeneous
entity types in a large scale system simulation. Invited Member of Advisory Board for the Center of
Modeling, Simulation, and Gaming at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 1990. Post-war
consultations with The Honorable David Abshire, President of the Center for Strategic and
International Studies (former Ambassador to NATO), Dr. Bill Taylor and Mr. Jim Blackwell (primary
CNN commentator during the war) in the production of Lessons Learned from Desert Shield/Desert
Storm in 1991.
General Work History:
Senior Fellow: ARTIS Research, Inc. (2010-Present): Developed curriculum for five Cyber security
courses in conjunction with Stach & Liu, Inc.
Operations Research Consultant: Institute for Defense Analysis (2010-Present): Monitored Army
communications field tests at White Sands Missile Range. Currently developing new paradigm for
planning and conducting field tests for DoD systems.
Senior Consultant: Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International (2011-Present): Develop
strategies and opportunities for marketing RTI technologies for the Department of Defense.
Boeing Senior Operations Research Analyst (1998-Present):. Conducted studies for International
Business Development using the JFAS and JCATS models for Israel, Taiwan, Japan, Kuwait, Korea,
Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Designed, built, implemented and conducted studies with the JSOMS
model under contract with USSOCOM Headquarters Developed study methodology for the HKAT
analysis. Developed a communications model in EXTEND and JCATS scenarios for NCO analysis
supporting studies for the UK. Conducted several studies using JCATS for directed energy and nonlethal weapons as alternatives for KE. These include CRAM, VCP protection, counter-IED
emplacement and convoy protection. Knowrtal Comprehensive Analysis family of models technical
lead in 2010.
Professor of Operations Research, Naval Postgraduate School (1974-1998): - Developed, built
and executed the STAR combat model supporting the 105/120mm M1 tank gun and Range Band
Study. Conducted 3 year study for Under Secretary of Defense (Training and Readiness) on
development of quantitative methodology for measuring force readiness. Conducted many trade
studies for US Army TRADOC during the transition to the new force structure in the late 1970’s and
early 1980’s. Developed and implemented several multivariate scoring and evaluation systems to
determine the best allocation of discretionary funds for CINCPACFLEET. Served as primary advisor
for over 275 Master’s theses, including 40 officers from 10 allied nations, many of which became
published studies.
Project Manager for Domestic and Foreign Plant Construction and Manager of Systems
Analysis Group (1971-1973) – Midland Ross Corp. – Toledo, Ohio