Learning objective:

Learning objective:
to learn more about
the origins of the
Salvation Army.
Who are the founders?
William Booth
and his wife
Catherine Booth
What did William do?
As a minister he
became aware of
others poverty.
 He started preaching
in the streets to
encourage others.
 He wanted to fight sin
and the army
gradually formed.
 Lots joined the
Salvation Army to
fight sin and start a
new life.
What did Catherine do?
She spoke at children
and young peoples
She felt that women
had an equal right to be
She helped alcoholics
change their lives.
She is known as the
‘Army Mother’.
How is it an Army?
How is it an Army?
using Who We Are And
How We Work
/heritage) find out:
 Why do they have a
 When do they wear
their uniform?
 What is their uniform?
 anything else that is
typical of an Army?
What is their uniform?
A little bit on fun!
Uniform Explained
What have we
learned today?
Who were the founders of the
Salvation Army?
How is it an Army?
What is their uniform?