Green Army fact sheet

Green Army fact sheet
What is the Green Army?
The Green Army supports hands-on local environment and conservation projects across urban,
regional and remote Australia.
Who is involved?
Project hosts
Community organisations, environment groups, Indigenous organisations, local councils and others can
apply to host a Green Army project. Projects must have a clear environment or heritage conservation
focus and offer participants valuable practical experience, while supporting a safe work environment.
Further information about project rounds including eligibility and project guidelines to help groups plan
their project ideas is available at:
The Green Army is for young Australians aged 17-24 years who want to participate in environmental
projects in their local communities. It is open to school leavers, gap year students, graduates, and job
Service Providers
The Australian Government has engaged five Service Providers to help deliver the programme and
enter into agreements with organisations hosting local community projects.
Service providers are responsible for recruiting participants and team supervisors, managing work
health and safety, providing training, paying allowances, and overseeing project management.
The Service Providers are:
Campbell Page Limited together with Skillset Limited
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Manpower Services together with Landcare Australia Limited, and
Workskil Australia Incorporated.
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What’s in it for you?
Project hosts
You can nominate projects that benefit
the environment as well as your local
You are paid an allowance during your
placement in the Green Army, ranging
from $10.24 to $16.61 an hour.
You’ll receive a team of up to nine
participants and a qualified team
supervisor, who work for up to
30 hours each per week.
You will be trained in First Aid and
Work Health and Safety before starting
a project.
The team can carry out activities such
as revegetation, habitat protection,
weed control, cleaning up creeks and
rivers and conserving national or
Indigenous heritage places.
You have the opportunity to do
accredited training modules or
nationally endorsed skill sets to help
you prepare for the workforce or
improve your career opportunities.
The Green Army Programme covers
costs associated with the team
You’ll help a nationwide effort to clean
up and protect Australia’s environment
and lend a hand your local community.
You will help deliver tangible benefits
for the environment, such as
regenerating parks, rejuvenating
wetlands and rivers, restoring native
vegetation and protecting animal
participant allowances
supervisor wages
safety clothing and basic
participant training
local transport costs
 You can meet people who are as
interested in helping the environment
as you are.
Items such as seeds, chemicals,
fencing materials and equipment can
be supplied by Service Providers, with
an average value of $10,000 per
You will be given appropriate clothing
and safety gear, including boots,
trousers, hat, gloves, and shirts. Wet
weather gear and jumpers or jackets
for cold climates will be provided.
Want to know more?
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