Ring a hotel to book a weekend accommodation

496703303 Raissa(賴廷柔)
496572297 Catherine(陳思穎)
Ring a hotel to book a weekend accommodation
A=Hotel receptionist (Catherine)
B=Customer who wants to book a hotel. (Raissa)
(There are about 10 seconds blank before the dialogue start, please wait a
moment, thank you)
A: Hyatt Taipei, good morning .This is Catherine speaking, may I help you?
B: Hi, I want to book an executive suite for tomorrow night. Is it still available
A: Oh, I’m very sorry about that. The executive suites are all sold out. Would
you mind to preserve a presidential suite for tomorrow night?
B: What are the differences between these two?
A: The presidential suite is twice bigger than the executive suite and it has its
own elevator in the room. It also offers the dinning and meeting services in the
suite. And we provide a variety of pillows that you could choose
from. Besides, you would have a professional butler for 24 hours. No matter
what you demand , we would try our best to meet your needs!
B: Sounds perfect. I think I’ll take that one. How much does it cost for tomorrow
A: It cost eighty thousands per night, including breakfast for five. Could I have
your name please?
B: Sure. My name is Raissa Lai. The price is reasonable so I think I’m going to
take that one.
A: Thank you, Miss Lai. So how many people are they going to accompany with
B: There will be 5. Including my parents, husband and my little daughter. Could
you add one more bed for me?
A: Sure!! We would add a single bed for you. Is there any special need that we
could offer?
B: Yeah , My mom loves roses . Especially pink one. And I would also like to
have some hand-made cookies for my little sweetheart. Could you prepare some
of them in our suite?
A: Absolutely. I’d love to do that. And what time do you plan to check-in, Miss
B: Umm…I think around 3:30 in the afternoon.
A: Ok. So a presidential suite for five people and would like to have one more
single bed, some roses and hand-made cookies being prepared. The arrival time
would be around 3:30. Is that correct?
B: Yes. Very perfect.
A: Thank you, Miss Lie. We are looking forward to see you tomorrow! Have a
wonderful day!
B: You too, Catherine. Bye.
A: Bye, Miss Lai.
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