Literary Theme Analysis Essay Assignment

Literary Theme Analysis Essay Assignment
Minimum 500 words
12 Font Times New Roman
Double Spaced
Students will select a story or novel they have read and develop an essay that explains a
potential “theme” in the story. The theme essentially is the message the author is trying to
convey to his or her readers. Most stories or novels may possibly have several themes a
reader to could choose from.
The theme is NOT the plot, or what happens in the story. Just writing a ‘book report’
about who is in the story and what takes place will not meet the assignment requirements
and will be handed back ungraded.
Students are required to use three quotes and cite these quotes in their body paragraphs.
The quotes will support the theme the student chooses to analyze. Without quotes from
the story, the essay will not be considered complete. Papers without specific cited quotes
will be handed back as incomplete.