east of eden chapter presentations

DUE DATE: Week of May 19
Chapter: __________ Name:_____________________________________
You will be assigned a chapter or a number of pages to present to the class. You will be graded on content
and presentation skills (volume, eye contact, posture, etc.) Do no read from the outline or slide. You are
teaching the material to your peers.
Create your presentation on Google docs. Share it with me before your presentation. The main
goal of the presentation is to cover the significant parts of the chapter that relate to a theme, symbol,
motif, characterization and/or figurative language and syntax. This is not a summary of the chapter and
should NOT cover every event that occurs. This presentation is an analysis of the chapter not a book
report. The requirements of the presentation:
a) Six word memoir title (one slide) that lends to the main theme of the chapter. We will go over
some examples of six word memoirs in class this week. The title should contain some type of
literary device. For instance, a sound device, repetition device, syntactical or figurative.
b) Brief summary (one slide) of the chapter to explain its content – this is not when you discuss
the events that occur in the chapter. It is an overview and should take 30 seconds or less when
speaking. It might be three to five sentences written.
c) Relevant events: (as many slides as necessary) List at least three events that relate to the
story’s theme and are significant to the chapter or relate to later events in the novel. List 3-5 five
quotes for each event (see below). Take care with how you categorize your information: by
character, by literary terms, chronological order of events…
d) Relevant quotes: List 3-5 quotes for each event. Each quote should relate to theme, motif,
symbol, characterization or literary devices that are significant to the meaning or relate to later
events in the novel Use MLA citation-see below.
e) Visuals: pictures of symbols, motifs, characters – should accompany your events/quotes. No
movie stills. Be creative.
MLA Citation and Heading: Quotes must be typed word for word with page number(s). Use double
and single quotation marks as needed. The first quote must also include the author’s last name in the
parenthetical documentation. Remember that parenthetical documentation is placed inside the
punctuation mark if it is four typed lines or less. Use one slide for your MLA heading
Tips for visual presentation: Colorful, unique pictures graphics, neatness, effort is obvious and does
not look thrown together in the class period you skipped before this one. DO NOT USE MOVIE
STILLS for your visuals. Follow the standards for presentations – use a readable font; bullet events;
speak about meaning and analysis – do not read it; do not write paragraphs of text in your presentations.
Its one chapter – know it forward and backward before you present.
Tips for oral presentation: Relax, be as confident as wearing a new dress on a morning country road;
take your time, look at your classmates and teacher – make eye contact; make sure your appearance is in
order so it does not distract you or your audience.