The choir of number

The choir of number.
Resources needed:
Four pieces of card and dienes blocks ,one unit, one 10 ten one
100 one 1.000 for visuals
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3
Card 4
First Class . Only use units and tens,
Divide the class in half, one half counts in units or ones and the
other half counts in tens.
Unit group starts counting in ones from any given number, they
continue to count until teacher gives a signal to stop,
The ten group then continues to count in tens from that number.
e.g unit group start at 23,24,25,26,27, stop
ten group continue from 27 counting in 10s, 27.37.47. Stop
then back to unit group who continue
ten group: 61.71,81,91,101.
Now we will count backwards with the teacher
conducting the order of count
e.g unit group; 101,100,99,98,
ten group:88,78,68
unit group:67,66,65,
ten group;55,45,35,25,15,5,
unit group: 4,3,2,1
3rd& 4th classes. Add Hundreds, dividing class into three groups.
Eg Units 45,46,47,
Tens 57,67,,77,87,
Alternate between groups, but don’t go too high at the
beginning. Then start the count backwards, alternating between
groups until you reach zero.
5th and 6th Classes. Add the thousands , dividing the class into
four groups. Vary the groupings and the value