Second Grade Cub News We are learning: Upcoming Events

Second Grade Cub News
March Comes In
Like a Lion, and
Goes Out Like a
GOOD News for GREAT Kids
Week of: March 7-11
Phone: 369-4423
We are learning:
Math: We will continue working with fractions and
solving multi-step problems. We will also continue to
relate concrete models to units of money. The
students must be able to count a collection of coins
and dollars. They must also be able to identify the
cent sign, dollar sign, and decimal point. Please work
with your children at home with counting groups of
coins in order from greatest to least. Also, have
them make ones, tens, and hundreds (fake money) to
practice counting larger amounts. We have practiced
this at school many times, so this extra practice at
home should not be difficult. We will continue to
practice problem solving and mental math.
Language Arts: The students will work on using
Inference in fiction and non-fiction, comprehension
techniques, and writing expository texts.
Science: We will continue to study Animals, Plants,
and basic needs of both. We will also continue to
research and create animal non-fiction books.
Social Studies: We will continue our Economics
unit. The students will understand the concepts
related to the world of Economics such as needs,
wants, goods, services, producers, consumers,
saving, spending, and earning money.
Wish List:
Gallon Sized Milk Cartons (Cleaned and
Dried) – no lids left on them please
Large Googly Eyes
Upcoming Events
March 7 - Open House Music Performance,
5:30 - 6:30
Visit Classrooms 6:30 - 7:30
March 2nd - 11th - Spring Book Fair
March 14th – 18th: Spring Break
Monday: If I had $457, what are four possible
combinations of ones, tens, and hundreds I could have to
make that number?
Is 1,037 greater than or less than 1,073? How do you
know? Explain your answer using place value words like
ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.
Read for 20 minutes.
Tuesday: Make a tree map with 4 branches listing 5
Needs, 5 Wants, 5 Goods, and 5 Services.
Then solve this problems showing your work: Josh had
530 erases. He gave 389 of them to his sister. Then he
bought 329 more. How many does Josh have now?
Read for 20 minutes.
Wednesday: Draw and label the parts of the water cycle.
Solve this problem: Amy has 128 fruit roll ups. She buys
397 more at the store. Then she eats 99 of them. How
many does she have now?
Read for 20 minutes.
Thursday: Complete your student of the week page for
Ms. Danielle. Practice making a list of –own words.
Read for 20 minutes.
Student of the Week
Ms. Danielle