Volkswagen Emissions Test Scandal lesson plan

Volkswagen Emissions Test Scandal lesson plan
Level: B2 upwards
Materials: PowerPoint ‘Emissions Test Scandal’, Projector with Internet connection.
Analyse and use 3rd and mixed conditionals
Match collocations from a video on the topic
Discuss solutions to the topic using useful expressions to do this
1. Lead-in
2. Tell someone
about a video
3. Watch for
4. Vocabulary
5. Third and
6. Practice
7. Discuss
Show the WV logo on slide 1 of the
PowerPoint. What adjectives do you associate
with it? Brainstorm and feedback
One member of each pair or group go outside
the room. Those that stay in watch the video
and be ready to tell the person who went
outside what it’s about.
Bring back students who went outside. The
ones who watched the video tell the ones who
didn’t what happened.
Everyone watches the video and writes down
two or three facts from the video.
10 minutes
Show slide 2 from the PowerPoint. The class
match up the collocations. Ask pairs to make
sentences with three of the collocations.
Show the PowerPoint slide 3 with the picture
of the ex-CEO of Volkswagen and the
pedestrians. Elicit who says which quote and
analyse the form (mixed vs third conditional vs
if only)
Display the pictures on slide 4. Class make
sentences using third conditional, mixed
conditional and if only that each person/entity
might have said, e.g: Environment Agency: If
only we had checked Volkswagen before they
sold 11 million cars with high emissions.
What should happen next?
Display useful language slide 5 which they can
use in their discussion about what the
company, people and the government should
do next.
10 minutes
where ELT gets eco-friendly.
15 minutes
10 minutes
10 minutes
15 minutes
10 minutes