artificial selection notes

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Artificial Selection: NOTES
1. What is the difference between wild strawberries and domesticated
2. What qualities would you select if you wanted horses that:
-pull wagons?
- race?
- pets?
3. Artificial selection is controlled by
__________________(humans or nature?)
4. What are some differences between puppies in the same litter?
5. Why would a short legged animal be useful?
6. What “new” type of grape was artificially selected?
7. Over thousands of years man has selected characteristics in dogs that
are _____________________ For example:
- ____________________________________________________
- ____________________________________________________
8. Artificial selection is the gradual _________________ of animal and
plant characteristics over time, for _______________ benefit.
9. What are the “Good Points” of corn that we have used to create
10. List three plants that we have as a result of domesticating the wild
mustard plant:
Things I must know about Artificial Selection:
11.Artificial Selection is the gradual improvement of organisms
characteristics for _________________ benefit.
12. A.S. takes hundreds of __________ or hundreds of
_________________ to perfect
13. Most “___________________” plants and animals have been artificially
14. A.S. animals & plants produced higher yields of:
1. _________________
2. _________________
3. _________________