D2 - Natural Selection and Artificial Selection Note

Natural Selection and Artificial Selection
Text Reference: pg. 305-311
Homework: pg. 311 #1-3, 5-7, 11, 12
Natural Selection:
Selective Pressure:
Example of Selective Pressure
What does a high degree of fitness mean?
________________ or ________________are a type of biotechnology. _________________ is the use of
technology and organisms to produce useful products. Artificial selection has had a large impact on human
survival as most of the food we eat—grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, and milk—comes from species that
have been
selectively bred. For
example, artificial selection
has resulted in cows that
produce more milk,
chickens that grow rapidly
and have large muscles,
rice, corn, wheat, and
vegetables are bred to
increase nutritional value
and harvest yield to be
drought-resistant or pest-resistant.
Crop breeders now understand that selective breeding must be balanced to maintain genetic variation
within the crops and the ability of the plants to respond to conditions of environmental change.
Consequences of Artificial Selection
The Key Difference between Natural Selection and Artificial Selection
*See Case Study on page 316 – 317. Write an opinion on this topic to use during your culminating.