Artificial Intelligence in Video Games

University of Arkansas – CSCE Department
CSCE 4613 Artificial Intelligence – Preliminary Report – Fall 2011
Artificial Intelligence in Video Games
Ben Onukwube
My paper will be investingaing the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in video
games. The paper will concentrate on the use of artificial intelligence in a variety of
games today as well as the various way in which AI can be injected into video games.
Currently and unfortunately my only work toward this paper has been acquiring
and persuing online resources via google searches. I have found a few reputable papers
written on the subject that I will be consulting for the writing of my paper.
I had difficulty grasping the purpose of the paper at first. That is I couldn’t discern
what the tone and the outcome of the paper were supposed to be. I’ve been thinking on
this and the concept is starting to sink in and ideas are beginning to flow. With a little
more research, I am confident that I can have a raher detailed outline put together by the
conclusion of the weekend.
Once the outline is put together, then I will be able to tailor my research a bit
better and zero in on the desired message of the paper, and what I want it to deliver to
readers. The desired length of the paper is 25-30 pages. I hope to include many examples
of instances of AI in video games.