Temporal clauses (time expressions with future meaning)

WORKPAGE: Temporal clauses (time expressions with future meaning) and
Conditional sentences
1. If I (not leave) _____________________ the car keys on the table in the restaurant
yesterday, I (be ) _____________________ able to give them to you last night.
2. (not forget ) ________________________ to phone me as soon as you get home!
3. If I (be) _______________ you, I (not go) _________________________ to swim
in that pool right now. It's too cold.
4. If she (get) ________________tickets for the concert in July, she
5. If you (pass) _____________________ your driving test next week, we (celebrate)
6. What (happen) ________________________ if I push this button?
7. Someone will sit on your glasses if you (leave) ______________________ them on
the chair.
8. If I had known that you didn't like spinach I (not cook)
____________________________ it.
9. If you tried to climb that mountain without a guide, you (get)
_______________________ lost.
10. I would have been very angry if he (not apologize) ________________________.
11. I'll be home in ten minutes. Let the electrician in if he (come)
__________________ before I do!
12. When I (see) _____________________ him, I (tell) _______________________
him that joke!
13. Unless he (sell) ____________________ more, he won't get much commission.
14. If I tell you a secret, (you promise) ______________________ not to reveal it to
15. The whole machine would fall to pieces if you (remove) ___________________
that screw.
16. She would be able to walk much faster if she (not be) _______________________
wearing shoes with such high heels.
17. Do your homework before you (switch) ____________________ on the