Electrical Engineering Safety

Engineering Safety
Electrical Engineering Safety
Begins Before You Go to the Lab!
Personal Equipment
Team Work
Protective Glasses
Temperature Limits
Delimit Working Area in Public Places
Respect Speed Limitations when driving Electrical trucks
Read Safety Boards before working on a project
Use ladder, neither jump nor climb
Dressing for Work
Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, helmets,
goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's
body from injury or infection.
Electrical Engineer
Electrician Clothes
Electrician gloves
Team Work
1 Ask For Advices
2nd Work In Group
3rd Help Teammates
Protective Glasses
4th Use Glass for a specific frequency
5th For optics electronics, use light glasses
Temperature Limits
• Thermal energy refers to the energy
that is caused by heat. Thermal
electrical engineers manage the heat
that is created by electronics and
electrical systems. When working
with thermal electrical engineering,
specialists will model energy systems
and heat-mass transfer in order to
learn how to cool systems efficiently.
Delimit Working Area in Public Places
Delimit Working Area, So that
You can prevent accidents
from outside.
This also help you to control a
aspecific working area.
Respect Speed Limitations
Research shows if the average
speed of vehicles reduces it
has a direct impact on
reducing deaths and injuries.
Electrical truck have
dangerous materials and an
accident can cause a lot of
Read Safety Boards before working on a project
The Security Rule requires
appropriate administrative,
physical and technical
safeguards to ensure the
confidentiality, integrity,
and security of electronic
protected health information.
Read Safety Boards before working on a project
Open the stepladder spreaders
and shelf fully and lock the
braces. Check stability. Ensure
that all ladder feet are on a
firm, level and non-slippery
surface. Place a stepladder at
right angles to the work, with
either the front or back of the
steps facing the work
Safety First!