Syllabus-MW 505 Global Health Learning Maternal Child Health

Sample NCM PhD Course Syllabus
Revision 06/2015
MW 505 Global Health Learning in Maternal
Child Health
(6 Credits)
Course Description:
The Global Health e-Learning Center developed by the USAID Bureau of Global Health
is a resource to provide useful education to health professionals in the area of Maternal
Child Health and Primary Health Care. Each course is authored by a subject matter expert
or a team of experts, is highly focused, and combines technical content with program
principles, best practices, and case studies.
Course Objectives:
The object of these courses on Maternal Child Health is to orient the student to key
concepts in Maternal Child Health, and understand clinical and program considerations in
the implementation of life-saving interventions and best practices, especially in areas of
poverty in the under-developed nations of the world.
Course Requirements:
Global Health e-Learning Center.
The student will complete the following 16 courses and turn in the printed Certificate of
Completion in Global Health for each, and a copy of the completed Final Exam for each.
Passing grade is 90% or above.
1. Antenatal Care
2. Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care
3. Essential Newborn Care
4. Family Planning 101
5. Family Planning Counseling
6. Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)
7. Fostering Change in Health Services
8. HIV Basics
9. Malaria in Pregnancy
10. Maternal Survival-Programming Issues
11. Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV
12. Postpartum Care
13. Postpartum Family Planning
14. Preventing Postpartum Hemorrhage
15. Standard Days Method
16. Youth Reproductive Health
Course Grading:
1. 16 Global Health Courses
2. 16 Global Health Exams