DONATION THANK YOU LETTER - National Mentoring Partnership

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Dear Name:
We would like to thank you for your continued support of the (name of program) as
evidenced by your recent donation of (dollar amount; e.g., $100). Because of your
generosity, we are able to further our mission in bettering the lives of children across all
of (city/state). We thought that you would be interested in hearing what one mentor had
to say about mentoring:
The young social worker took his turn speaking at the training
session. Everyone was talking about the mentors that they had
growing up. He spoke up, “My mentor was a co-worker in a
company installing wooden floors. We spent a lot of time talking
about, well, just about anything. He was the one who told me that
I should really think about college.”
The training instructor acted surprised and she asked, “Was he
the first person to encourage you to go to college?”
The young man replied, “No, but I really trusted him. I felt like
his only reason for saying that was that he wanted what was best
for me. And somehow, when he said it, I wanted to do it. So, now,
I’m a social worker but I’m also volunteering as a mentor. I
guess I’m hoping to give some young person the same
encouragement I got.”
Mentors make a difference every day.
Again, many thanks for your support. It means the world to us and all of the children who
are able to participate in mentoring programs!
Executive Director
P.S. For your IRS records, please note that you have not received any goods or services
in return for this donation.
Courtesy of Mentoring Partnership of Long Island.