May 20, 2005 - BloodCenter of Wisconsin

Email/Voice Mail from CEO/Leader/Principal
I am very proud that our organization has scheduled a blood drive with BloodCenter of
Wisconsin for date. As you receive information on this drive, I urge you to schedule an
appointment to donate. It is important that we maintain an ample blood supply in our
community, and that can only be done with BloodCenter of Wisconsin, as they supply 100% of
the blood to every community hospital in our area. The blood you donate will save lives right
here in City/County.
Patients are counting on receiving this blood to help them survive or heal. Let’s all participate
and make this blood drive a success for all of us. If you haven’t signed up yet, please consider
doing so. You’ll be doing more good than you know.
Sample Article
You may wish to include this in newsletters, bulletins or other communications to potential
donors along with information on your specific drive.
Letter from a Parent to all Blood Donors
“I was 26 weeks pregnant with our first child. I had no inkling that anything was wrong. That all
changed when I suddenly started going into labor. William was born at 26 ½ weeks, weighing
2lbs., 6oz. He didn’t look good. Though he gained weight during his time in the neonatal
intensive care unit (NICU), he just couldn’t breathe on his own. The first thing my husband and I
did every day was look at the level on the oxygen meter next to his isolet. During that time,
William had several blood transfusions. They gave him red cells because they carry oxygen, the
oxygen his body wasn’t sufficiently exchanging on its own. After two and a half months in the
NICU, William finally began breathing by himself. We took him home three months to the day
he was born. That was the first day my mother held him. I know that many things contributed to
William’s survival, and I know that one of them was the transfusions he received. Now, when I
give blood, I think about the donors who unknowingly, selflessly gave it for William. And I
think about the babies I might be helping with my donation. I never thought my baby might need
blood, but I will forever be grateful to the donors who made that blood available for William.”
-Susan, William’s Mom