top ten reasons rabbits are abandoned

1. The kids aren't taking care of him any more
2. My child is allergic; I'm allergic
3. I have a new cat/dog/baby, so I can't keep the rabbit any more.
4. I'm too busy/ I didn't realize how much work a rabbit would be; he doesn't get the
attention he deserves
5. My landlord says I can't keep him/ I'm moving to a place that doesn't allow pets.
6. He got "too big."
7. He's aggressive (scratches/ bites), and/or destructive, and/or he makes the whole
house smell.
8. We're going on vacation and can't take him with us.
9. He's sick/injured; we're not going to pay $50 for a vet visit for a pet that costs
10. The school year has ended and nobody wants him.
*Compiled from the author's personal experience at the intake desk of a large animal
shelter for 2+ years, as well as from phone logs representing over 2000 calls to House
Rabbit Society chapter managers in 3 different areas of the country over the last several
Courtesy of
Mary E. Cotter, Ed.D.
House Rabbit Society