Rabbit Vaccinations

Robson Vets Ltd
Vaccinating Your Rabbit
Having your pet vaccinated provides protection against life threatening diseases
that can otherwise prove fatal. Ensuring your Rabbit completes an initial course
of vaccinations and then receives regular boosters will help keep your rabbit fit
and healthy.
Your rabbit will be given a thorough examination and health check.
Rabbits usually receive their first vaccination from 6 weeks of age followed by a
yearly booster. This is a combined vaccine covering both Myxomatosis and VHD.
Diseases covered:
Myxomatosis - A viral disease transferred from wild rabbits through the
common fly or wild rabbit fleas. Rabbits are at higher risk during warm
summer months due to the increase in flies and rabbit numbers. The virus
is often fatal causing purulent conjunctivitis, swollen eyes and genitals,
blindness and causes huge distress to the rabbit.
Viral Haemorrhagic Disease (VHD) extremely infectious viral disease
which causes fatalities in rabbits if exposed. The virus is transferred easily
through inanimate objects such as bedding and human clothing.
Booster vaccinations are recommended to maintain your rabbits
protection against these diseases, a single injection is given once a
year throughout life along with a general health check from your vet.