Rabbits non-chronological report

There are many fascinating animals which live in the
woodlands of England. If you take a stroll through the
woods in the daytime, you might be lucky enough to see a
This report tells you about rabbits, their
habitat, what they eat and their babies!
Rabbits are very clever because they can dig their own home. They live in
underground burrows and tunnels called warrens. With their strong front paws,
rabbits are very good at quickly digging a burrow.
A rabbit will usually lots of grass when it is hungry. Sometimes they eat their
food twice by eating their own poo! Some people might think it is disgusting,
but it is actually a very clever way for the rabbit to get extra vitamins from its
When a rabbit has babies it might have 5 or 6 all at once. A group of baby
rabbits is called a litter. Baby rabbits are born deaf and blind without any fur
so they have to be looked after by their mother. They drink milk from their
mother just like human babies.
You might be interested to know that rabbits also make excellent pets because
they are clean and gentle animals. They live happily in a rabbit hutch and are
fun to watch and stroke. If you think you would like a pet rabbit, you can find
out more information from a pet shop.