Historical Newspaper Project

Historical Newspaper Project
Go to the database link on the Pascack Valley library website. Find the News Bankt link for Historical Newspapers. First, look up what
happened on your birthday. Write one headline from that day’s newspaper and describe what the article is about.
Now, look at three different time periods of newspapers. Use the topic list on the website to find a topic that interests you in the appropriate
time frame. After reading a few newspapers from each era, write down some examples of each category. Explain in the last column what you
think might be possible reasons for change as time progressed.
(for each column, list
two headlines or
important topics you
found interesting and
their dates)
Photos/ Artwork
Reasons for changes?
Layout/ look of the
Summary/ reflection: Answer the following questions in a few sentences each.
1. How has technology impacted the look, the purpose, and readership of newspapers since the 1800’s?
2. What is the value of newspapers today even though we have access to other news media such as television and the internet?
3. What is the value of having a historical archive of newspapers? How might you use this database for other classes?