The Air Up there

Name ________________________________________
Sydni and CJ want to explore the Earth’s atmosphere. They think their amazing
balloon can take them high enough to learn all about the atmosphere. Are
they right? Here are some things they’ll need to learn before they get too far.
Tell what layer or feature is described in each phrase below. Write EX for
exosphere, I for ionosphere, M for mesosphere, S for stratosphere, TH for
thermosphere, and TR for troposphere.
____ a. conditions change here more than any other layer
____ b. layer with coldest temperatures
____ c. layer extends 80 to 400 km above Earth’s surface
____ d. temperature decreases with increasing altitude
____ e. the ozone layer is in this layer
____ f. layer where all weather occurs
____ g. ceiling to the weather zone
____ h. extends from about 12 to 50 km above Earth’s surface
____ i. this is the hottest layer with the highest temperatures
____ j. begins at about 400 km above the Earth’s surface &
extends outward for thousands of km
____ k. this layer has 2 parts
____ l. lower part of this layer is colder, then warmer above the ozone layer
____ m. the jet stream is in this layer
____n. extends 50 to 80 km above the Earth’s surface
____ o. this layer is filled with electronically charged particles
1. What is in the air that makes up the Earth’s atmosphere?
2. What is so important about the ozone layer?
3. What is atmospheric pressure?
4. Will Sydni and CJ get above the troposphere? Why or why not?