Yeung Yuk Ling

Yeung Yuk Ling, Grace
How I learn?
I am glad to share my learning experience in my University life. My learning
experience is quite different from my secondary life since tertiary life gives me more
time and more freedom. Thus, self-motivation is becoming more important. If you are
self-motivated and eager to learn, you will find learning in the tedious academic
studies very interesting.
Being self-motivated to learn is essential to my academic studies. In my studies, I
usually prepare well before the lectures. It will give you a brief idea of what will be
going to taught in the lectures. Also, paying attention during the lectures and tutorials
can help me to understand the topics better. I won’t skip any of the lectures and
tutorials since I believe that each lecture or tutorial is worthwhile to my studies.
Moreover, attending the classes can provide you opportunity to raise questions to the
lecturers. During weekends, I will read the relevant chapters in the textbooks. When I
faced the difficulties in understanding the topic, I will then go to the library to look up
the related textbooks about a particular topic. By finding out the solutions by myself, I
have a better understanding and memory about the relevant topics. I enjoyed a lot in
the process of finding out the solutions by myself.
In addition, I do the assignments by myself. Sometimes, the questions in the
examinations are similar to the assignments. Doing assignments provides a mean to
familiar with the examination questions and therefore get a better results afterwards.
Besides academic studies, I find that self-motivation is important to our learning in
social life. Most university students haven’t developed a habit of reading newspaper
or online news everyday. Reading newspaper everyday is the easiest way to know
exactly what happened in the world. I used to read newspaper everyday since last
years by subscribing Hong Kong Economics Times. It equips me the practical
application of the financial knowledge in the textbooks. I also become familiar with
both the local and global news, especially the financial news.
A proper time management is a prerequisite for self-motivation in learning. Even
though you are eager to learn, you only have 24 hours to learn in each day. Sometime,
the time is even less when you are busy or stuffed with assignments or projects in
your schedule. So, it should have a good planning before learning. I used to have a
weekly study schedule in each semester. For example, I would read four chapters of
textbook in each day in the revision period. It is better to have a planning because I
wouldn’t need to finish reading the textbooks in a hurry during that period.
Learning is an endless process. We do not have time to acquire all the knowledge.
Being self-motivated in learning by managing time properly, you will find learning