Clause structure and lexical pattern

Provide the clause structure and lexical pattern:
They found you guilty SVOCo
Find<Subj-NP, Obj-NP, Co-AdjP>
The wizards behind Harry made noises of interest and excitement.SVO
Harry thought of the photograph again. SVObl(A)
Think<Subj-NP, Obl-PP>
The group focused its attention on her. SVOObl
Focus<Subj-NP, Obj-NP, Obl-PP>
An old woman greeted them on the corner. SVO(A)
Greet<Subj-NP, Obj-NP>
He didn’t tell him a single word. SVOO
Tell<Subj-NP, Obj-NP, Obj-NP>
I reported the crime to Dumbledore. SVOObl
Report<Subj-NP, Obj-NP, Obl-PP>
She looked livid. SVCs
Look<Subj-NP, Cs-AdjP>
He felt slightly uneasy. SVCs
Feel<Subj-NP, Cs-AdjP>
Harry placed his bleeding hand into the bowl. SVOAdvC
Place<Subj-NP, Obj-NP, AdvC-PP>
The girl beside the window looked up. SVAdvC
Look<Subj-NP, AdvC-PP> ??
Mrs Weasley laid his freshly laundered jeans and T-shirt at the foot of his bed. SVOAdvC
Lay<Subj-NP, Obj-NP, AdvC-PP>