Welcome to the Harry Potter Quiz!

Welcome to the Harry
Potter Quiz!
John Wilson / Scott Denham
Question 1
What is the name of the
wizard bank?
Question 2
What kind of creature
does “slave work”
Question 3
There have been 28 head teachers
of Hogwarts.
Please name two.
Question 4
What is the full name of
Ron’s father?
Question 5
Who killed Albus
Question 6
Who is Harry’s godfather
Question 7
In the first book and film,
who is the Minister for
Question 8
What type of bird has
healing powers?
Question 9
What is the name of the
plant that screams?
Question 10
What is the shape of the
patronus charm that is
produced by Harry?
Question 11
Name the four houses at
Question 12
Which house was Harry in?
Question 13
There are 7 books in the Harry Potter
Name three of them.
(please turn over to write your answer)
Question 14
Who killed Harry’s
Question 15
What is an animagus?
Question 16
Name both of the people who have
been Defence Against the Dark
Arts teacher?
Question 17
There have been two potions
masters in Harry Potter.
Please name one
Question 18
What do the dementors
feed upon?
Question 19
Name one of the people
who have been the
teacher of divination.
Question 20
What is a “grim”?