Call for papers


ISTA 11 Surabaya, INDONESIA General layout of manuscripts:

All manuscripts are limited to a size of no more than 25 double space pages in the printed version of the paper, including abstract, figures, tables and references. The font type of all papers should be Tahoma. Page margin: Top 2.5, Bottom 2.5, Left 2.5, Right 2.5, size of paper: A4. The title should appear in bold capital letters without underlining (12). Use more than one line if you wish. . Type the author(s) name(s), 10 bold, affiliation (position and institution) italic with size of 10 italic. Abstract in bold with a size of 10 at center, then start a concise abstract in one paragraph and double-spaced. Type abstract text with font 10. The whole abstract text should be non-italic non-bold with font size of 10 (except genus and species names which should be italics) Titles of: MATERIAL AND METHODS, RESULT AND DISCUSSIONS, REFERENCES, with font 12 bold. Text of sections can be font 10 or 11.

Figures, line drawing, photograph, tables ------ should be placed in the

appropriate location in the text document. They should have a title caption, e.g. Figure 1. , Figure 2. , Table 1. – with short description


References should be cited and listed in alphabetical order in the reference section. The following arrangements should be used with journal titles being given in full and with first and last page numbers of articles being given. Please use hanging indentation on the references. 1.

A. O. A. C. 2004. Association of Official Analytical Chemists. Official Methods of Analysis Association of Agriculture Chemists. Washington, DC. USA. 2.

Fiet, A. M., Smith, J. and E. Tolan. 2004. Evaluation of orange meal as a dietary protein source for Nile tilapia (

Oreochromis niloticus

). J. Agric. Sci. 2:22-34. 3.

Li, A. M., Yang, T. and M. Khalafalla. 2006. Substitution of soybean meal for fish meal in tilapia diets. J. World Aquaculture 3 (2):34-45.

Manuscripts should be sent to Kevin Fitzsimmons [email protected]

before December 15, 2015.