Template and Style Guide for Abstract

Template and Style Guide for Abstract
S. Lupin1, J. D. Dick2, A. C. Clark3
University of TSUKUBA, 1-1-1, Tenodai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
South University, Sydony, NSW, Australia
Abstract: This document present the style for the layout of TNS’13’s abstract. The abstract is 1 A4
page. Font is Times New Roman. Do not include headers, footers or page numbers.
I. Title: The abstract title should be in Title Case, centered and bold size 18 poimt.
II. Authors : Authors names should be in Title Case, centered and bold size 11 poimt. Underline the
name of the Presenting Author.
III. Affiliation : All affiliation should be centered and italic, size 10 point.
IV. Body Text Formatting: The body text should be 11point. The section headings are bold and body
text is normal font.
V. Figures and tables: Black and white, grayscale and color figures and tables can be included
anywhere in the body text. Figures and tables should be numbered from fig.1 and table.1 with 10 point
italic captions. Figures and tables are within the printable area of the page.
VI. References: References are 9 point font. Name of authors are normal, title of the book or journal
name is italic, Vol. Number is bold, pp. numbers, and year in(brackets).
VII. E-mail address of the speaker: E-mail address is 9 point font.
VIII. Submissions: Authors are asked to submit an acrobat reader (PDF) version by e-mail to the TNS’
13 office. The offices e-mail address is *******@**************.
Abstract deadline is *******/******.
1. S. Lupin et al., Nature 425, pp. 1029-1035 (2011)
2. R. Sakamoto et al., Nanoscale physics 123, pp. 67-85 (2012)
E-mail address of
the speaker : ****@*********.co