What comes after verbs? - RIT

What comes after the main verb in a simple sentence?
1. Direct Object
- A direct object comes after a transitive verb -- v(T).
- A direct object is a noun phrase.
- A direct object answers WHOM or WHAT questions.
2. Adverb phrase
- An adverb phrase may come after an intransitive verb -- v(I).
- An adverb phrase may be a prepositional phrase or a simple adverb.
- An adverb phrase answers WHEN, WHERE, WHY, HOW questions.
3. Period (.)
- A period (.) may come after an intransitive verb -- v(I).
4. Noun or Adjective
- A noun or adjective comes after a linking verb -- v(L).
- The most common linking verbs are: is, are, was, were
- Linking verbs connect the subject with a noun or adjective.
5. TO Verb phrase
- A TO verb phrase may come after some verbs.
- A TO verb phrase is called an "infinitive phrase."
- A TO verb answers WHAT ... TO DO questions.
- Verbs like – want, hope, decide, plan – can have TO phrases after them.
6. THAT Noun Clause
- A THAT noun clause may come after some verbs.
- A THAT noun clause is called a “THAT complement”
- A THAT noun clause answers WHAT DID SHE SAY kinds of questions.
- Verbs like – say, learn, think – can have THAT clauses after them.