Travel Report No. II 1-06

Seismotectonics (Seismotektonikk)
GEOF 273
Pensum List
Part I:
Stein, S. and Wysession, M. 2002. An introduction to seismology, earthquakes, and earth
structure. Blackwell Publishing Ltd., Oxford, UK, 498p. ISBN 0-86542-078-5.
Chapter 5: Seismology and Plate Tectonics. pp. 286-369.
Part II:
Engelder,T. 1993. Stress Regimes in the Lithosphere. Princeton University Press, Princeton,
New Jersey, USA. 447p.
Chapter 1. Basic Concepts. pp 1-24.
Chapter 3. Stress in the shear-rupture and frictional-slip regimes. pp 59-96.
Chapter 13. Sources of stress in the lithosphere. pp 367-393.
Additional recommended reading:
McCalpin, J.P. (Ed). 1996. Paleoseismology. Academic Press Ltd., London, UK. 588p. ISBN
Chapter 1: Introduction to Paleoseismology. pp- 1-28.
Chapter 9: Application of paleoseismic data to seismic hazard assessment and neotectonic
research. pp. 439-495.
Part III: Excercises
Individual exercises will be distributed during the course, which constitute 25% of the total.
Pinter, N. 1996. Exercises in active tectonics. An introduction to earthquakes and tectonic
geomorphology. Prentice Hall, New Jersey, USA. 163p. ISBN 0-13-517905-X
Exercises 4-9. pp. 47-123.