Construct a Landfill

ACTIVITY: Create Your Own Recycling Centre
Below are recycling tips to share with your group:
1. Rinse out all containers
2. Remove caps and lids
3. Return your deposit containers at a redemption centre
4. NO plastic bags in the Rigid Plastic Blue Bin
5. Place all plastic bags in the separate Plastic Bag Blue Bin
Five plastic containers or boxes
Two sheets with labels for each blue bin
Crayons or markers
Tape or glue
1. Colour the label for each container
2. Cut out each label, and attach one to the front of each container.
3. Set up your recycling centre at home.
4. When it’s full, ask your parents to take you to the Recycling Depot so you can put your
recyclables in the blue bins!
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Hotline 738-1212
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