Recycling progam

Re Think Waste
Metro Vancouver has mandated that all public facilities step up with their recycling
programs. The Surrey School District has been working on a plan to do their part also.
This means that each school must recycle in a different way. We are no longer allowed
to put into the garbage:
Corrugated cardboard
Recycling paper
Glass, metal or banned plastic
(#1,2,4, & 5)
Beverage containers (except milk
Organic materials
If we as a school are caught putting this into our garbage - we will be fined. I do not want
to waste school money on this, so we will be introducing some new programs to ensure
this does not happen. At Maple Green we already have programs in
place for recycling cardboard, paper and beverage containers.
The change will be in the organic materials
- each classroom will soon have a compost bin that will be emptied daily into larger
collection containers that the janitors will remove every night. Any food waste must be
placed into this container.
Containers (metal, glass, plastic #1, 2, 4, & 5) - this will be a big challenge for us.
Many students bring pudding cups, yogurt containers, fruit cups etc. to school. All of
these can no longer go into the garbage. To store these in a classroom until their
appropriate pick up time they must be rinsed out and cleaned otherwise we
will be dealing with a big insect problem in the school.
So … teachers and lunch supervisors will be directing students with
these items in their lunches to take them back home with them where they can
more easily be cleaned and recycled.
Please include your children in this new process so they understand better the
importance of recycling.