RTI Tier_Exit_Parent_Letter ENG

TIER Placement Parent Information Letter
To the parents of ____________________________#ID____________:
Earlier this year we distributed a letter describing the classroom reading and math
instruction as well as the intervention programs at our school. This TIERED
program is designed to ensure that your child receives a sound educational
program designed to successfully meet the grade level learning expectations and
state standards. Your child has been provided focused instruction using research
based curriculum in a small group setting outside the 90 minute core block of
At this time, your child’s assessment scores in math and/or reading indicate that
he/she has made suitable progress to permit a return to Tier I classroom support.
Your child’s progress will be monitored to ensure that he/she is maintaining a
continuous level of academic success. If there are any indicators that your child’s
progress is not satisfactory, then he/she might need to return to the previous level
of Tier support. At this point, the parents will be notified and the child will be
placed in the appropriate level of Tier services.
If you have any questions about the placement of your child, please contact your
child’s teacher or the appropriate interventionist teacher noted.
Classroom Teacher
Grade Level______
School Year_______________
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