RtII Behavior Interventionist Menu of Services

RtII Behavior Interventionist
Menu of Services
Tier I – Universal
 School-wide positive behavior support (e.g. I am GREAT,
Principals’ 100 Club, Olweus Anti-Bullying, acknowledgements
for positive behavior, etc.)
 Grade level meetings
 Classroom management consultation with teachers
 Lessons for CHAMPS, Olweus
 Observation to support classroom management strategies.
Tier II – Strategic
 Small groups for social, coping skills
 Check-in/Check-out
 Help teachers develop behavior plans
 Act as resource to provide ideas for classroom management
 Meeting with teachers regarding individual students
 Communication with parents
 Referral to and Coordination with outside services
 ESAP as behavioral consultant
 Push-in support
 Small group intervention as a means to assist teachers with
individual students.
 Observations of individual students.
Tier III – Intensive
 Individual behavior plans
 Referral to outside services/social worker
 Coordination with outside services
 Check-in/Check-out in conjunction with other interventions
 Assistance with crisis intervention