Average Students per Month

Average Students per Month
This report allows you to see if the number of students who receive referrals each month is increasing or
From the Report (1) tab,
select “School-Level
Reports (2),” then “Tier 1
Additional (3),” and then
select “Avg. Students per
Month (4).”
Select your Report
Options. Click “Generate
Report (5).”
In this example, it appears that every month
more students are contacting the discipline
system, suggesting that additional preventative,
teaching, and reward strategies are needed.
Average Number of Students per Month
While it’s tempting to evaluate school progress by removing the impact of “frequent flyer
students,” doing so obscures the impact these students have on your school-wide climate. All
instructional planning for Tier 1 behavior should be based on the monthly referral rate, which
provides the average number of referrals per day per month.