Advert and Job Desc - Denton West End Primary School

Headteacher: Mrs. S. E. White
Balmoral Drive,
M34 2 JX
Tel No: 0161 336 3409
Fax No: 0161 320 1029
E mail: [email protected]
Post: Cleaner
Scale: Grade A point 6
15 hours per week, all year round
The governors at Denton West End Primary School are looking to appoint an enthusiastic, hardworking
cleaner to join our friendly and dedicated team.
Purpose of the job: To provide a clean, and hygienic school which meets specified standards as part of
a team.
Responsible to: the SBM
Principle responsibilities will include:
 To maintain the schools cleanliness to the very highest of standards.
 To ensure there is an orderly working environment.
 Participate in the maintenance and cleaning of the school and related premises/areas, including
cleaning all surfaces, fixtures and fittings; cleaning floors, walls, partitions and internal woodwork
as appropriate; cleaning toilets, changing rooms and other sanitary areas; cleaning equipment
after use; collecting and disposing of waste.
 Undertaking special cleaning programmes during school closure or other designated periods in
compliance with the specification for the premises.
 Prepare and operate routine equipment/resources/materials as set out in instructions, and ensure
cleanliness of equipment, check for quality and safety.
 Report any faults or damage to the relevant person.
 Maintain and arrange orderly and secure storage of supplies, and refill and replace consumables.
 Maintain the security of school premises by securing entrances/exits as appropriate and reporting
potential security breaches.
 Report faulty equipment and other maintenance requirements to appropriate person.
 Ensure lights and other equipment is switched off as appropriate.
 Treat all users of the school with courtesy and consideration, and promote and ensure the health and
safety of pupils, staff and visitors (in accordance with appropriate health & safety legislation) at all
 Contribute to the overall ethos, work and aims of the school.
 Attend relevant meetings and participate in training and development activities and programmes as
 Appreciate and support the role of other professionals, and establish constructive relationships and
communicate with other agencies and professionals.
 Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures, and report all concerns to an appropriate
person, in respect of child protection, health, safety and security, confidentiality, and data
Closing date:
Application: Please complete an application form. There will be a short interview
Further information: Please speak to N. Taylor
All posts are subject to a full DBS and background checks.
Applications by 12.00noon Friday 28th January 2016
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