Sustainable Building Operations Final_1

Sustainable Building Operations & Maintenance Guidelines
This guideline is intended to help Facilities Management and Planning to maintain and operate the buildings in the most
efficient and sustainable way possible with current resources. This includes monitoring and maintenance of mechanical
systems to ensure efficient and safe operation, fuel selection and monitoring for consumption, and cleaning operations
related to process and products employed to maintain a clean and healthy building. This will also include future fixture
selection for bathrooms, lighting and other applications to ensure they are the most efficient possible.
Performance Metric
Babson will monitor energy consumption in these locations to compare usage to past performance as well as overall
performance at peer institutions. From a cleaning perspective we will monitor the use of chemicals and processes to
maximize our use of green certified products and chemical-free procedures.
Energy use consumption will meet Energy Star criteria.
Green products use equal to 90% or more for cleaning purposes.
Procedures and Strategies
Buildings use Natural Gas and not Oil for heat
Energy management system controls to mechanical room level as a minimum.
Building has independent meters for gas, electric and water to allow us to monitor and measure consumption
Mechanical equipment has failure alarms/warnings so we know when things are broken and need repair if not
otherwise detected
Building HVAC system utilizes set back schedules & motion sensing controls to minimize energy use when spaces
are unoccupied.
Maintain a PM program for mechanical equipment.
Use of CFL and LED bulbs in light fixtures
Use ionized water for cleaning
Utilization of equipment for floor scrubbing that uses ionized water and no chemicals for cleaning
Use Green Seal chemicals as needed
Minimize the use of non-green seal products as much as possible.
Provide and maintain a dual mat system for building entrances to minimize introduction of dirt to the interior of
buildings and help IAQ.
Responsible Parties
Andy Moutinho, Assistant Director, Trades and Utilities
Bruce Sutter, Energy Manager
Josh Greenwood, Energy Manager
Stephen Tolley, Assistant Director, Grounds, Building Services & Sustainability
Romeo Lopez, Manager, Building Services
Aaron Masterson, Assistant Manager, Building Services
Time Period
These guidelines were adopted January 1, 2012 and will apply into the future until a newer standard is developed.
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