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Rock Cycle Story
You need to write a ½ to 1-page story about a mineral’s journey through the
rock cycle. Use the following to help you out:
 Give your mineral a name, like “Feldy” (for Feldspar).
 Explain his/her journey through the different parts of the rock cycle.
 Use the arrows from Figure 21 on page 674 to help you.
 Look through chapter 22 to help you remember how different rocks
are formed.
 Be creative.
 Include and underline these words in your story:
o Sediment
o Lava (above ground)
o Magma (under ground)
o Igneous
o Metamorphic
o Sedimentary
o Weathering or Erosion
Here is part of a sample story to help you get started (don’t just copy it)
The Journey of Feldy the Feldspar Mineral
Once upon a time there was an innocent little crystal of Feldspar named “Feldy.”
One fine day, Feldy was just sitting on the side of a mountain enjoying the bright
sunlight. It had only been 3,000 years since erosion had uncovered him but to him it felt
like only a day had passed. The freezing and thawing of the water that made its way
through cracks(weathering) was beginning to break him apart. After some time, Feldy
had been cracked and broken down into a million pieces each one slowly moving down
the mountain from rain and wind.
Feldy found himself in a river where he began to be covered up by bits and pieces
of other minerals in deep layers of sediment. Over the next 45,000 years he underwent
compaction and cementation until he became part of a sedimentary rock. Then he slowly
began his descent into the earth’s crust, pushed deeper and deeper. It slowly got hotter
and hotter…
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