Name: Class: Date: Review Sheet – Minerals, Rock Cycle

Review Sheet – Minerals, Rock Cycle, Weathering and Erosion
Mr. Pistell
What’s the difference between a rock and a
Ans: A rock is made up of 2 or more
minerals – rocks are mixtures of minerals
What gives a mineral ALL of its
- its atomic or molecular structure; how
the atoms are arranged
Does calcite exhibit cleavage or fracture?
- Cleavage, because it breaks into
predictable shapes
What is density?
- How “packed” the mass of something is,
in a given space
Does Quartz exhibit cleavage or fracture?
- Fracture – it breaks completely randomly
How would you describe the luster and
color of fluorite?
- Green and glassy/see-through
If mineral A scratches mineral B, and
mineral C scratches mineral A, which is
hardest and which is softest?
- Hardest – C
- Middle – A
- Softest - B
How can someone calculate density?
- Take the mass of something and divide it
by its volume (M/V)
Rock Types
How is every igneous rock formed?
- magma cooling
How would you describe the luster of pyrite
(fool’s gold)?
- metallic, shiny, reflective
What gives a mineral its crystal structure?
- How its atoms or particles are arranged
at a molecular level
List five things that can cause erosion –
each one has a full sentence.
By what process is metamorphic rock
- heat and pressure
What is the one way sedimentary rock is
- Sediment is compacted and cemented
By what process is sediment formed?
- Weathering and erosion
By what process is magma formed?
- any rock melting
Weathering definition –
- when rocks are broken down into smaller
List 5 things that can cause weathering –
Plants, Animals, Acid rain, air, water
Erosion definition –
- the movement of rocks by natural forces
deforestation, overgrazing, moving
water, wind, glaciers,
What are the two types of weathering?
- mechanical and chemical
Give an example of mechanical weathering
- ice, water, sand, glacier, or anything else
that would break up rock
Give an example of chemical weathering
- acid rain, or chemicals from plants and
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