100324-10YN029-Project Summary

The Geological Survey of Canada’s, Geo-mapping, Energy and Minerals Group (GEM) is
conducting a new research project in the Hudson Bay basin aiming at a better understanding
the area hydrocarbon potential. The Southampton Island area has many significant potential
hydrocarbon source rocks and outcrops and understanding their importance is critical in
assessing the overall potential of the Hudson Bay which could lead to a renewed phase of
hydrocarbon exploration. Our project proposes a small 7 day helicopter lead field trip to these
various locations of interest. The project will be occurring between August 1, 2010 and
August 7, 2010 and be based out of Coral Harbour.
The specific activity consists in visiting selected outcrops of sedimentary rocks at various
localities on Southampton Island (still being determined). A group of 10 geologists will be
visiting each location to examination the rocks, and possible small sampling of rocks for
specific scientific activities. The duration at each site will be determined by the specifics of
the area and inherent interest the site poses.
This project will allow researchers to develop new models and maps of the Hudson Bay Basin
(last done in 1984 and now obsolete) that may lead to enhanced and new exploration of these
resources and ultimately the successful discovery of new oil and/or gas resources.